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Tips to Help Keep You Crusher Up and Running In Winter

There is no such thing as bad weather, however, there is such a thing as inappropriate clothing. Crushing in the winter is tougher but doesn’t have to be miserable with some planning and solid thinking. Here are a few tips for getting your spread ready for winter crushing: CONVEYORS Although low temperatures rarely have a harmful effect […]

Impact crusher blow bars easily break reasons analysis

There are many reasons why your impact crusher blow bars are breaking on a regular basis. We have compiled a list of the most common causes of blow bar failure and the solutions to those problems. 1.Blow Bar Not Seating Against Rotor Notice the gap shown by the left arrow. The blow bar is supposed […]

When to change cone crusher liners?

There is an optimum time to change your cone liners. Too soon and you don’t get the value for the cost of the liner, too late and you suffer from significant production losses. It is our experience that too many people lean towards too late, the optimum time to change a liner really depends on […]

When to change jaw plate?

The ideal situation would be when even wear occurs throughout the jaw plate area, using all the manganese teeth, eliminating the need to execute the “turn”, or change production. This is impossible, however, because there are areas where we cannot avoid more severe wear than in others, mainly because of the crushing movement geometry, such […]