MGS Crusher Parts has two sand casting production line, a v-method casting production lines, a lost  foam casting production, a machine shop; two 5t electric furnaces, two 3t intermediate frequency electric furnace, two 1t intermediate frequency electric furnace, heat treatment furnace trolley 6 sets (40t one sets, 20t one sets, 15t one sets, 5t three sets), heat-treated pool water 2000m3, the largest single can do 12 tons of castings invested a million, the annual production capacity of 15,000 tons or more, central south region is the largest wear-resistant materials production base.

V Method Casting Line
Sand Casting Production Line
Lost Foam Production Line
Heat Treatment


MGS Crusher Parts Mainly machining large and medium-sized products, 12pcs vertical lathes:1pc C5123,7pcs C5116,3pcs C5225,1pc C5240; Nc vertical milling machine with double column: 2pc CKXZ5225B;pianomiller: 1pc TX2020D, 1PC SW-42500; horizontal lathe: 1pc C56150B/1500; radial drilling machine :1pc Z3050X16/1

Vertical Lathe
radial drilling machine
horizontal lathe
Gantry Milling Machine