MGS Crusher Parts offers all jaw plate profiles, from the super tooth jaw profile for recycling and quarrying applications through to the multi-tooth jaws for tarmac and sticky types of aggregates.  Ask our experts for advice on the correct jaw plates for your specific application to help maximize your productivity and wear life.  Our range of crusher jaw plates ranges from the smaller Terex J960 jaws up to the huge Terex J1148 jaw crusher. MGS Crusher Parts also offers a variety of manganese contents, from 14% up to 22% and Tic insert jaw plates for the more demanding applications.

Terex Jaw Plate Tooth Types

Super Tooth

Super Tooth
  • Medium to hard rock applications
  • Grips material to allow better crushing
  • Available Mn18Cr2,Mn22Cr2, Tic insert

Quarry Tooth

Quarry Tooth
  • Hard rock and high abrasive applications
  • Deeper tooth profile allows for extra wear
  • Available Mn18Cr2, Mn22Cr2, and Tic insert

Multi Tooth

Multi Tooth
  • Recycling Applications
  • Good Grip on smooth flat surfaces
  • Available in Mn18Cr2

Standard Tooth

Standard Tooth
  • Recycling and soft rock applications
  • Available in Mn18Cr2
  • Not available for all models

Terex Jaw Plates Part Number

Terex J960 Jaw Crusher Super Tooth Quarry Tooth Multi-Tooth Standard Tooth Heavy Duty
Material Description Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number
Mn18Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 600/8048E N.A 600/8039E 600/8011E N.A
Swing Jaw Plate 600/8049E N.A 600/8040E 600/8012E N.A
Mn22Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 600/8048TT N.A N.A N.A N.A
Swing Jaw Plate 600/8049TT N.A N.A N.A N.A
Terex J1160 Jaw Crusher
Mn18Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 31.09.0100 31.09.0102 31.09.0103 N.A N.A
Swing Jaw Plate 31.09.0101 31.09.0104 31.09.0105 N.A N.A
Mn22Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate N.A 31.09.0107 N.A N.A N.A
Swing Jaw Plate N.A 31.09.0109 N.A N.A N.A
Terex J1175 Jaw Crusher
Mn18Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 31.10.1174 31.10.0205 31.10.1171 N.A CW024-001-MN180
Swing Jaw Plate 31.10.1173 31.10.0210 31.10.1170 N.A N.A
Mn22Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 31.10.1181 31.10.0207 N.A N.A CW024-001-MN220
Swing Jaw Plate 31.10.1179 31.10.0212 N.A N.A N.A
Terex J1480
Mn18Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 31.07.0136 31.07.0006 N.A N.A CW020-001-MN180
Swing Jaw Plate CR020-017-001-E CR020-044-001-E N.A N.A N.A
Mn22Cr2 Fixed Jaw Plate 31.07.2136 31.07.0007 N.A N.A CW020-001-MN220
Swing Jaw Plate CR020-017-001-T CR020-044-001-T N.A N.A N.A